Cabo San Lucas

Planning on going there for my honeymoon. Anyone have any suggestions on charters there? I really want to knock a Marlin and Roosterfish off my bucket list.

Hey Chris,

I don’t have any info on this but you could try the Offshore Discussion page as some of them can help you if you don’t get your answer here.

Congrats on your upcoming marriage!


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Thanks. Thats probably a good idea.

I honeymooned there myself 7 years ago. we didn’t want to spend a pile of money for just the two of us to go fishing so we chartered a smaller boat for a halfday trip. The boat was horribly slow we were dragging baits just 30 feet back in order to keep them on the surface. we caught a few dolphin and had massive marlin swim up beside our boat ( I swear it was laughing at us). We had fun but it didn’t meet my expectations. My advice to you is to find a good boat and pay more for a good trip. If you can put a group together it will help ease the cost. Also there is a guy in town that has a lure shop called (Jensen Lures) i think, he’s from somewhere in europe and he guided surf fishing trips catching roosterfish from the rocks. Just my two cents. congrats on the marriage and have fun.

It all depends on the time of year you are going. we took or honeymoon there in 2004 in october. chartered with bob marlin charters. Its seasonal on what you can catch. I belive the marlin fishing is better in the fall and rooster fish are better in the spring. we caught 2 blue marlin and some dolphin on a 6 hr trip for 350. These guys were refered to me by some clients I take fishing. Had a great time. fun town

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We will be there the first part of June. I’ve never been to Mexico or seen the Pacific, so I’m stoked.

do a search on the site for cabo i believe someone else asked the same thing not too long ago had some good info

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Went several years back with “elbudster”. He had several boats at the time and not sure which one we took. We went out 2 days. First day I landed a stripe, and we broke 2 more off. 2 days later we went on one of his other boats and caught 12 yft and 2 dolphin. Took the tuna to a sushi joint right on the harbor and they cooked it for our group. Some of our group went out on another one of his boats on day 1, they broke off 2 stripes and caught a couple dolphin. I believe we went in June.

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