catching crabs?

I am coming down to Edisto for the weekend. Has anyone seen many commercial pots out in the sound. Trying to find a place to drop my pots for a few crabs. Thanks

Same as usual. Just keep them out of the navigational channel.

I was in Edisto Saturday and Sunday. We dropped one trap in Fishing Creek. We only got crab the entire weekend. In the fall, we get more than we can possible eat!

Flowers Seafood in the blue building just off the island has them for sale.

They are mating now, so they are in water that is less salty (lower salenity (sp?), so they are further away from the ocean. About mid april the females will get much closer to the ocean (higher salenity) to release their larvee into the plankton,and the males will get a little closer too. Good 2 page read.

You are right Edsitofisher. The Edisto News did have a good article on the blue crab.


When we passed each other yesterday in the truck, I thought his wave looked a little funny. Life and work has been stressful lately. It is time to hit the water and relieve some stress.

The closest place to buy crabs is from Edisto Seafood (Fontaine Family) right next to Dockside Restaurant on Big Bay Creek