Chasing Reports

With the good redfish reports I went to test my luck. 1 fish all day but it was the right one. Got him on the 12ft ugly stick with the casting reel, Hatteras style. He fought good, a couple runs and some side to side action and swam off strong on the release.

I had the pleasure of fishing next to steveo.
He caught a nice one early and I went biteless for hours. I was questioning my skills, tactics bait, etc. He’s dialed in for sure.

A donation from the local redfish guru

Nice fish 40:smiley: Were any other reds caught besides the two mentioned. Another thing, thank you for donating and offering the troops the opportunity to get out. I heard that particular pier group cancelled, but it’s the thought that counts and you were ready to show them a good time, much appreciated sir. I probably had 10 or so decline the surf trip, it happens every year. Enjoy your season.

No other reds but I left and people were still fishing. It was a bad day weather wise and made for tough fishing. I caught my red during the small window of ok weather. I was happy as heck when I caught it. I was just thinking off walking away with my tail tucked when my clicker went off. It’s no big deal,. I just figured I go to the pier sometimes and they asked about a pier volunteer. I think it was more a communication issue. I called and text the groups Tuesday and Wednesday, but the one guy said he had no messages and said something about family stuff coming up. Oh well, no big deal, plans don’t always work out I went to the pier as planned and besides one 36 inch (I didn’t catch it) red and a handful of large cownose Ray’s in the morning it was terrible fishing,but a great day. But I left with 3 big Ray’s for some shark bait so I was happy with the day. I caught this ray and a monster cownose do to a bad communication with the net man and only having 40# braid and couldn’t horse him enough. It was a good fight though, he had me over the rail pulling him out of pilings for close to five minutes after a good five minute fight.

40 I had no idea that was you. I don’t have many faces put with the names of people on here that post. You didn’t put a pic of the police coming out to me on the beach lol

Na I didn’t want to blow your spot up that bad.