Completely new - help!

Last March my family stayed on the island. We only caught a ray and a tiny whiting. I’ve fished my whole life but in IN with no tides, etc. This saltwater stuff is new to me. We’re going to Edisto again this March. Help! Any help, no matter how general or specific is valued! Thanks.

Water will still be cold. Surf fishing slow until end of April. Need to charter if you really want to catch fish.

Pokey Joe, is there no chance to catch fish without a boat?

Jeremy Ross

Surf fishing may produce whiting. Might try the pier at steamboat landing.

Just spring for a guide and you won’t regret it.He will probably tell you how to catch some from the hill

There are places along the road where people catch fish all the time, do a little driving around and u will find then, they are not in these same spots all the time for nothing.

You won’t catch anything without a boat in March except small whiting and rays from the beach. Overall, March is our toughest month for fishing. From a boat, you will be able to catch some redfish on the flats and maybe in the creeks.

Thanks everyone. The advice is helpful, though not what I wanted to hear, bummer! How would I go about finding a good charter? Could I simply google charters or is there a better way to find one? And when it comes to fishing in the rivers, any advice on that? For example do I fish outgoing current or incoming, what kind of rig/bait? Like I said, all this is pretty new to me. What and where would I look to information on how to’s of this kind of fishing?

Jeremy Ross

RADDADDY himself is an awesome choice for a charter. Send him a DM.

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RADDADDY himself is an awesome choice for a charter. Send him a PM.

1966 13’ Boston Whaler w/ Merc 25 4 stroke “Flatty” #predatorsstriketheeye

X2! RADDADDY can put you on some fish and is also a great teacher as well. You can’t go wrong booking a trip with him.

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Jeremy Ross

You need to come back in the fall if you want to catch a lot of different fish! Size, speces, numbers.

Captain Buddy and Edisto Palmetto Charters is another option. You won’t go wrong with either company.

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