Cool stuff around our world

I’ve used these before. A pig won’t even notice if he’s eating something good. But a calf can kick hard!!

Very popular with crabbers on Chesapeake Bay for closing 1 end of a bait bag

Not cool!

I bet you the 99999999 hotline was ringing off work…

Good morning everyone it’s a great day to enjoy life

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SS Ohio Operation Pedestal

Valetta Present day

Resupply of Malta, RAF Spitfires launching from USS Hornet

Spitfire in a revetment

Incessant aerial bombardment that was worse than the Battle of Britain

Read Malta Spitfire Pilot by Denis Barnham

Later Mk IX Spitfire at Malta Museum

Most Spitfires involved at Malta were Mk Vc’s

In the summer of 1940 Britain only had three Gloster Gladiators crated up on Malta

They were named “Faith, Hope and Charity”

Faith survived for display

Malta was instrumental in defeating the Axis Forces in North Africa by serving as a base to attack and interrupt German and Italian supply convoys to North Africa.

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