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That’s cool, but Tim Wells is the Master.

Callous your own fingers looking it up.


Never been that good… But in a galaxy far far away… Me and my roommate got a couple of wrist rockets and actually brought home a few Jack rabbits to grill for a group of city military dudes… Big snow and had them hemmed up in a softball field. Just the fact of grilling and all of us together was a fantastic memory. And the rabbit was pretty darn good. I think beer helped. Crazy, but most all military parties and get togethers was a mandatory beer fest. Was that good thing, looking back? I left Keesler as all of the beer vending machines were being removed. Anyone remember beer vending machines on military bases?

Beer on Military Bases was actually the genesis for “lite/light” beer. As, only beer with a 3.2%, or less, alcohol content could be sold on the bases.

Marketed into " less filling/tastes great" made most lite brands some of the best sellers.

My experiences for the wrist rocket always ended up involving my dad whipping my ass.
Went to the Air Force Base one time they had beer machines.
Korea doing patrols up and down DMZ
Set up for the night. Outside the perimeter they would clack bottles together. And whisper GI number one drink number one drink. 2 American Dollar 2 American dollar.

first box turtle I’ve seen in a long time around the house.