Tis the season for deadsticking your flies and artificials. Looks like last week the big schools of reds in the skinny are starting to get a little spookier. Spent half of my first trip last week scaring fish away and realized it was that time of year again. Once we stopped moving our baits, IT WAS ON! and has been ever since. If anyone experiences these spooky fish in the flats during these chillier days, try and deadstick it, and you’ll be happy!

Sounds like a great time, good for you!


07 23 Key West Twin 115 Yammys

It’s the hardest thing to do…not twitch the bait as a school of big ol bass push up to you…especially if you’re ADHD (no offense wildlifesc). The other trick for this time of year is a gold spoon. Two entirely different techniques, but when they have lockjaw, try both. It helps if you can throw a mile.