DeBordieu Surf 05/03/14

Fished the surf just south of North Inlet at daybreak. Whiting bite was strong just after the tide turned, but that was it. No bluefish, no sharks, no birds. Nothing to suggest that spotails would be in the surf. A few pelicans diving intermittently about 300 yards out, but no real sign of them actively feeding. Water temp felt perfect, slight southwest breeze, but mostly calm, no tide rip…3oz. of lead held strong on the bottom. Cut mullet and cut whitey for bait. Fished 4 hours into the incoming and called it quits. Watched the weather front move offshore and the high pressure front scrubbed the sky for some beautiful sunrise views. Whoda thunk it would be May, and the surf zone is still acting like it’s March. Gotta believe it’s all about to happen any time now.

Sol Mate
Mako 20B
225 Optimax