Decent day on Sullivan's

Went out to Sullivan’s yesterday caught a few whiting, and a ray. I fish for sharks a lot and I’ve always heard that ray is the best bait. Needless to say, I used the wings as bait. Caught a couple of sharpnose, and then the Goliath took one of my lines. It was a 6-foot bull shark. I know this because I saw him completely breach the water about 20 yards in front of me. The line held on the first breach but he popped my line with his tail on the second. I only had 24 inch leaders. My question is- how am I gonna find a leader large enough to catch these guys, and how am I going to get it out far enough in the water? I’m guessing I could take a kayak out, but still need advice on where to find a large leader

weed eater line works for me . cheap and effective.

I like the “Mouse trap” explanation. The tension on the rod snaps the circle hook into it’s jaw when it lifts the sputnik out of the sand. The only thing is, you have to yak the bait out. I’m not sure weed eater cord makes a good shock leader for casting.

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King, thanks for the advice. Also, I saw that you’re down and out for this year. Sorry about that brother. Praying for your speedy recovery. Are you still going to be on the pier at all? I would like to talk with you in person about these leaders as I’m still a little confused.

I can tell you a bull shark was not breaching it was a blacktip. They do look a little similar, but bulls are not too common inshore here. Blacktips can be caught on a cut bait behind the breakers nearly every trip during the right months.

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Also as far as leaders, for casted baits, ie. surf rods being used and not a 30w or larger, it should be 5’ of 250-550lb mono/weed eater line, and 12-18 inches of bite leader, my team tends to use the 180lb single strand. For large baits, mouse trap is bad, and leaders should be a 20’ or longer sliding trace followed by 5-6’ of bite leader, this is usually 360lb single strand doubled up. Blacktips can chew through 480lb 49 strand especially in a shore setting when the entire leader isn’t above them like on a boat.

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