Does anyone know what fish this is?

No scales, and small sharp teeth. Almost looks like some type of juvenile grouper, but I caught it in an ocean facing creek in just a few feet of water.

You’re right,it’s a grouper,maybe barbawang will tell us the exact species. I have caught them before this time of year.Good going there Bucky

It’s a baby gag grouper. The young grow inshore until around Nov before they migrate to offshore water.

Caught several in Cherry Grove Marsh over the years.

We have actually caught a few baby Grouper in Conch Creek over the years. My Grouper skills are weak so I had no idea what kind they were. I guess they come up into the marsh for safety?

Near shore and inshore are nursery grounds for gag grouper

This probably protects Juvie gags from invasive lionfish

True, baby gags live inshore and can be caught on bait under docks and any structure really. I had a buddy that used to catch them as a kid, not knowing what they were, but remembers eating the “delicious camouflage fish” every summer. True Story. I’ve only ever caught them under docks near breach inlet close to the ocean.

If i ever get a saltwater aquarium, i want to try to keep one alive. It would be awesome to watch them eat and grow in the house!

23, my son had a saltwater aquarium, made the outlets and all metal in the room rust, just be aware of this before getting one.

I’m on the water. How much worse could it make it? My outdoor outlets don’t rust.

Wow, that’s interesting. I thought I was going crazy because I had no idea any grouper ever lived inshore. I caught a few of these in the same spot, all small, but surprisingly aggressive. Today I learned something, thanks.

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Little gag grouper are the only immature grouper specie I have ever seen inshore.,and I have never caught an immature gag offshore .

Definitely a juvenile gag grouper. You’ll see them mixed up at the Mt. P pier as well if you fish the end. Which by the way is snag heaven.