Duct tape on castnet?

My neighbor deals with scrap metal. Yesterday he picked up a 8’ castnet yesterday on side of road. He stopped by and asked if I wanted it. It had duct tape around the perimeter 2-3" from the lead line, inside and outside. I figured it was torn and started to remove the tape. Found a few holes, but no tears to justify duct tape.
Did some research online. found a couple of forums talking about it. Theory is, the tape causes drag. Making the net stay open longer as its sinks. And, it’s suppose to throw better. You can do the same with clear packing tape and lawn chair webbing. Found a manufacturer that makes cast nets with tape already.
Has anyone tried this? Or know if SCDNR will allow this? This allowed in some states and not in others. Their website doesn’t say if modifications are allowed.
Here’s a video I found on it;

taped nets are legal, used for deep holing. from dec 16 to april 30 you’re allowed 12doz shrimp in possession, then it goes to 48qts until dec 15.

yeah barbawang is right, used for deep holing. Must have caught the wind (or the rope caught the tire) just right on someone’s way to/from the ramp, cast nets are a bit too heavy to simply just blow out of a vehicle lol.

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