Easter Weekend

I will be at lake murray for the weekend and my kids want to fish for striper and catfish.
What is the best way to catch striper this time of year(Chapin area)

What are the limits?

I am sure others will chime in with more details. But getting as close to mid lake as you can, and fishing the coves focusing on river channels and points in the 15’-35’ range would be a good start. Freeline slow trolling live bait.

Keep a topwater plug on hand for surface action/birds.

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I know this will sound dumb, but what is mid lake?

Maybe from John’s Creek/Bear Creek down to Ballentine would be a good way to describe “mid-lake”. In my mind anyway.

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Originally posted by Billfish OBX

Maybe from John’s Creek/Bear Creek down to Ballentine would be a good way to describe “mid-lake”. In my mind anyway.

I have a house on bear creek road, but not on the bear creek side (not sure what that is called). Thank you for the info. At least I know where bear creek is :smiley::smiley:

If you want cats too I’d anchor in about 10-15’ on a point with lots of bait on it. If you hit the right one you could catch a bunch of fish quickly on cut bait. If you have them, fish at least 10-12 rods.

Originally posted by Fishb8

I will be at lake murray for the weekend …

So do you need someone to house sit your place in Charleston that weekend??? :smiley:

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Last weekend I fished both Sat and Sun with pretty good success both days sat was more cats than rockfish Sun was more rockfish than Cats(cutbait fished both days). If you can find a hump or point 15 to 20 deep and mark fish and bait fish in the area you should be on to something(You will most likley catch rockfish and catfish). Get you some fresh herring if you dont have a bait tank that is ok if you are cut bait fishing, just put the herring in a good zip lock bag that will not let water in and pack them in ice(make sure your bag does not have any water in it from the herring also). The key is to keep them firm and they will stay firm for a day of fishing if kept cold and out of water. Also you need to chum once you get anchored up so buy yourself a few dozen to chum with. Cut them about fingernail size and once you throw your lines out toss the chum just inside of where your lines are so the fish will have to swim by your bait to get to the chum. Throw some chum out about every 45 minutes. Cut them from the top fin to just behind where the guts are. use the remaning tail section for chum.Hope this helps

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Thanks for the info.

What is the limits on striper?

Sorry striperskiff, actually have someone at the house this weekend

5 per person per day. With minimum size limit of 21".

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Didn’t know you fished…thought your were a football analyst and didn’t have time:smiley:

You should be good in Bear Creek and Ballentine area as mentioned above.

Good luck!

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It is the off season for football analyst :slight_smile:

The arrow points to were the house is. I tried to get as much in the picture as I could. Bear creek and sticking creek are in the picture.

Anyone know the name of that creek?

Looks like maybe Lazy Creek?..just going by the road name in the pic

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I have never payed any attention to that side.

here is another picture. I live on that end of bear creek road. there are 2 feeder creeks.

Muddy Creek or Chapin Creek…

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We always called it Muddy Branch. Used to hunt and fish around a lot of family owned land in that area. There were some really big catfish in there when we fished trotlines.

Here is a good map with creek names and contour lines. Great for scouting from the couch


You need to zoom in where lake murray is and wait a few seconds for the lake to show up

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Nice! I had no idea that was out there. It sure beats scouting with the Navionics app on my phone.

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I just found it the other day. Someone posted it on the striperboard. I spent an hour looking at it to come up with a cut bait spot for tonight but the forecast changed that. 15 to 25 mph winds with 2" of rain.

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