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I wish lee would come back. He knew how to get to you

You never made the trip.

You both are pitiful… Can’t fish, lie about almost everything these days… :joy:

You never served… LIAR!

I’m yer Huckleberry.

Time to put up, or shut up…

No insults

I see, the Alligator Mouth concept, once again?

That was a compliment for him and you…

Alligator mouths must have anonymity to hide their weakness

Wow, how original and worn out…

That’s the best you got… :laughing:

You ran when I invited you to my home twice… :rofl:

Anyhoo, gotta run as I’ve got things to do…

I sure can get you ole boyz riled up easily… :rofl:

Play amongst yourselves bullies, as I’m sure your sore about losing to RBF AGAIN!

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We have been thru that many times. You ALWAYS hide and protect your anonymity very carefully. Your words when I was on I77 approaching Fort Mill. “ this community is too nice for you. Keep moving”. You may have convinced Bob And maybe Bolbie But that’s about it


We sure have learned how to make the trouble maker hide! High 5 mixed!

deleted by author

Shut up Bob!

Don’t worry Bob. I flagged him slready

Want to make me?

Huckle Bearer is the original connotation. Mixed Nutz is being very generous. Most folks would probably have some difficulty in throwing you a lifeline while you’re struggling in deep water. Our local crab population needs sustenance no matter how foul it may be.