Edisto 40 March 13

Took advantage of perfect conditions to run to the 40 with a pint of fiddlers hoping to limit out on Sheepshead. I got a little ahead of myself, but still managed to catch a couple, along with an ARS, 60 BSBs, 10 Rock Bass and some spawning Grunts.

Water temp was 60. The Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel should be here any day.

I saw those conditions for Tues… they were much like today… cant beat days like that. Thanks for the report, thats some fun fishing!

Nice! Note- Tuesday was not at all like that, it may have been ~2ft, but was very choppy from the jetties out 20 miles and really kicked up in the afternoon. Glad you got out there Dave, nice work.

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the report and pictures.

Two questions, how big was the ARS in 40 feet, and what are you calling a rock bass?

So many common names for fish, just wondering.

Thanks again for all the reports you give


I was out Tuesday looking for Spanish and Bluefish. Not there yet. Water temp around 58 - not warm enough. Saw some small groups of false albacore but no takers on casting spoons. Just a few fish moving really fast.

Tuesday was not as forecast, choppy.

Another week or two.

The ARS was 14.

What I’m calling a Rock Bass is a little tan guy with faint brown stripes. About 10 inches long. He has kind of a black coxcomb

I’m thinking Sand Bass?

We gots bank, rock, and black sea bass round yuh if you’re talkin Serranidae

Maybe this?

I’m guessing Diplectrum Formosum

Here you go EF; this is the guy:

The yellow swatch confirmed it.
Thanks for bringing some attention to this low key fish.