Edisto 60 July 5

Ran out to the 60 on what was supposed to be a flat calm, no wind day. Fought off a bit of chop to get there and didnt stay long. Brought home 1 Spadefish. Also caught a half dozen Ringtails, two undersized Groupers and an undersized, nearly extinct Red Snapper.

Fished the sound for a bit on the way back and caught a Sharpnose and a Bonnet head.
That’s a report.
Hope everyone enjoyed Independence Day.

Great report, thanks for sharing.

What baits were you using to trick the grouper and ARS?

Do the ringtails eat as good as the spades?

I’ve eaten Ringtail Porgies.

Like almost any fish unfortunately referred to as a “trash fish” (Bluefish included), eaten the same day they are not bad at all.