Edisto 60 May 13 2024

Took a run out to the 60 to see if the Spades were popping yet. Water temp was 71 and we saw a few but couldnt get them to bite.

Ringtail Porgies were on the menu, and we caught about 30 and three Red Porgies, along with a nice Triggerfish that I took home for dinner.

The tax man is back in full force and we brought two large Sand Bar Sharks to the side of the boat for pictures.

Stopped at the 40 on the way out and caught my first Blue Runner on one of the reefs.

Only 1 BSB all day, so I consider that a win.

It’s Cobia time Dave, time to “Broaden” your horizons.

Ever catch one?

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Believe it or not, we caught a short Cobia off the pier yesterday.

We caught a bunch of short Spades, too.

Never seen the Cannon/Jelly Balls so thick. There are literally thousands, just behind the breakers, as far as you can see in both directions.

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Caught one out at the 60 last summer. 30 inches.

Ill be out looking for them.

I see what you did there EF.

first hand report of short brown fish at 4ki yesterday, spades were there too and also wouldn’t bite jellyball

good time of year to have a pitch rod with a hogy flounder ready

blue runner eats good too but it ain’t no trigger