Edisto Beach Surf Fishing

The town council at Edisto Beach is discussing banning surf fishing. These people are out of minds. They will do anything to kill the rental of houses there. They should discuss swimming in the ocean, some one might get a jellyfish sting or be bit by a shark. Most of the fall rentals are by fisherman. How do you spell STUPID.

Town hall advises surf fishing ban is a dead subject. Caught 2, 14 “ spot tails yesterday in surf. both released to fight another day. Big spot tails in the surf should turn on any day. Caught 9 blues in the surf this morning. Lot of finger mullet in surf.

Wow, that’s crazy. That’s the 1st I’ve ever heard of a surf fishing ban. What would be the benefit of banning surf fishing?

During the summer the beach is loaded with kids and swimmers, probably some soccer mom complained and thought a kid might get hooked. There has been no reported kids hook up and the fisherman do not litter the beach as a general rule as many beach goers do. I am told it is a dead issue now.

They think you will attract more sharks to shallow water! Some of the biggest sharks I have ever seen have been off the beach in the second row of breakers!

Just go early and late and avoid beach crowd and get the best bite.
10 to 4 you can’t get a break. They will come your way and setup right one you no matter where you go.

J Ford

It was discussed today at the Town Council work session. Voice your opinion by contacting the Council Members.


Went to town hall, they said it was a dead issue. Keep surf fishing.

It is not a dead issue. It is on the agenda for Town Council meeting this Thursday. If you do not speak up you may not have the opportunity to enjoy surf fishing on Edisto Beach.