Edisto Boat Theft

Sorry to bring up what is surely and rightfully a sensitive topic. I have a boat with new F250 and may wish to keep it in a driveway in Edisto Beach.

Is it safe?

I see many very nice boats parked around where some of the owners appear absent. Reading THT forums makes me a bit paranoid, although many of the reports are from South Florida. That’s another world for sure, but is it generally safe to leave a new boat in an unattended driveway on the island or is that just asking for trouble with boat, motor, and/or electronic thefts?

Sent you a private message last week. Keep my in the driveway with double locks. My boats are covered and my next door is full time. I have not had a problem. Talk to George Brothers, police chief and ask them to keep a eye on it for you, they will. Tandem axle, add a chain, or chain it to post on house. Let’s buddy boat some time.

Not a complete prevention for theft, but I installed a couple of Ring brand floodlight cams and can see my boat from my I-phone anytime. It stores footage when it detects motion. I actually installed it after spring break last year when some kids drew a bunch of pictures of the male anatomy on the concrete under my house with sidewalk chalk. I also set up a camera facing Big Bay Creek so when I am having a bad day at work I can see a live shot and it reminds me why I work.

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JG, I like that Ring floodlight idea. I may do the same thing to keep an eye on my new boat.

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Never had any problems with my boats being left on the island at privet residents! Wish some one would sneek in and fill them up with feul tho!

One way on and one way off Edisto and it is videoed. I’d say the word is out to most thieves, don’t here a lot of theft in that area. Local Law is pretty alert.

Do like all suggested with locks and camera. Put up a sign saying area is under surveillance.