Edisto Fishing Club Trout Tournament - Nov 29

Edisto Fishing Club

Trout Tournament</font id=“green”></font id=“size5”>

Postponed until later Date</font id=“size6”>

November 29, 6:30 am at the Edisto Marina
Entry Fee is $25.00

Membership dues ($40.00) must be paid in order to enter this event.

Combined weight, up to 5 fish. Trophy’s for the top 3 places, with 1st place paying $100.00. Blast off from the marina at 6:30 am, or as weather permits. You must be checked in by 1:00 pm, and you can not trailer your boat, or leave your boat once the tournament starts. We will go over all rules again before blasting off.

Big Trout Pot - $10.00 Calcutta for the largest trout weighed, winner takes all.

In order to register, you must contact Darrin Moore @ 803-622-7009 by Novemeber 28th.

Up to two adults and one child (15 yrs old or younger) per boat.

Food will be served after the event. We also ask everyone to purchase beer, gas, ice, etc. from the marina ship store for this event. The marina’s helping us and we want to return the favor.

Any extra money from this event will be placed in the general club fund for future expenses.

Email edistofishingclub@gmail.com for more information

Team Sweet Tea gonna try again

We will be there. Hope Capt. Bob will fish as well.

I don’t see anything wrong with large trout and sweet tea…

Me either. The only thing we are missing is the trout

bucks pizza and striker I am very dissapointed in both you. No self respecting carlina (buckspizza) or clemson (striker) fan should ever plan anything that doesnt revolve around the game on that day. shame on you:frowning_face: j/k

PS Edisto Fisher will still be one of the guys standing on the podium even with out me there.


I’ll be in Pickens that day, so I’m sure you guys can stop sweatin that I’m not fishing in the tourney. Sounds like fun though.

Go gcocks!

I may be able to get to Clemson for the game, too. Can’t make the tournament.

Go Cocks!

Just trying to learn every bit I can about saltwater fishing…

It sounds like we may not have much interest. I will check w/Bucks Pizza if we havn’t had any pre-registrations mabye he will consider rescheduling it.

I’ll be around, but I’ve got a charter. Bob

Bob Sanders
Edisto Inshore Charters

Hey, I’m with fisher…let’s go ahead and do it. We’ll go with what we have, it will be a day on the water either way.

As for The Game, I’ll have my big 5 by kick-off and we’ll be sitting on the dock by the bay…watching the Gamecocks roll the tigers away.

Buck’s, I hope your prophesy for the fish has more validity than that of the game. Bob

Bob Sanders
Edisto Inshore Charters

opps, make that prophecy

watching the Gamecocks roll the tigers away

Gamecock fans have learned to just keep a positive attitude; because thier football team is just four quarters away from giving the Gamecock fans another dissapointment.

That’s what’s so great about this game, we never know 'til it’s over. Bob

Bob Sanders
Edisto Inshore Charters

Haven’t heard of too many people for Saturday, we’ll make the call Friday if it only looks like a few boats. Maybe we’ll load up on a few boats and bottom fish or something.

We’ll see …

I won’t be able to make it Sat. Unfortunately I have not finished moving yet. Darrin, let me know if you need my scales.

Folks, I haven’t talked with anyone but 3-4 people that can fish Saturday. They are calling for 70% rain as well, so I will suggest we call it until a later date.