edisto fishing

just bought a 23’ center console and was wondering if anyone who fishes edisto on a regular basis would like to join me and show me some of the better spots to fish. I usually am at my place 2-3 weekends a month.

i cant no one wants to go and use my gas fishing

want to go to the 226 hole?

Jim send me a PM. I have a busy schedule but love to fish. If I can’t go I will try to help you with some spots depending on what you are looking for. I am probably going shrimping Sunday. Can you throw a net? As of now I don’t have anyone to go with me Sunday.

Striker send me a PM if you still need a shrimping pardner for Sunday. I throw a 6 & 7’ net fairly decent and I can drive the boat without running over too many poles. I am 65 but in decent shape.

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I tried pm’ing but don’t know if I did it correctly. If you all could pm me I would appreciate it

gotta love the kindness of people on this site. Wish it would catch on in the real world.

Wicked fishing
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Well said WickedFishing. Bob

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