Edisto marsh fishing

Please excuse the novice question here but we have a house rented in edisto for the end of may. I have not fished much the past few years and even then I had very little knowledge or experience.

Our rental home is on Jungle Shores and has a dock extending back into the marsh. What sort of fish could I expect to catch from the dock? Any suggestions on bait and tackle?


Jungle Shores is on the “Yacht Basin”. Its tidal and will be mud at low tide. The flats nearby look good for tailors, and Scott Creek in general has lots of fish. Try the sharp bends where the trees are. You should be able to get there easily with a yak. Try cut mullet or live mud minnows on a carolina rig. Just make sure you paddle back before low tide! Enjoy it!

For more details contact Bob Sanders at bob@fishingwithbob.com

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At higher water, cast out with a mudminnow on the bottom or on a cork rig and you should catch something. A fresh shrimp on the bottom may get you a croaker or whiting. You’ll be dry at low tide so spend some good money with a local guide: bob sanders or ugly duck are good. What Optiker said is good.

Feel free to give me a call to talk. i am no longer guiding.

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Thanks everyone! Looking forward to giving it a try. I am by no means a serious fisherman, just looking for something to help pass the time while I am there. I am not real good at relaxing and doing nothing, so a week on the island will be a challenge for me :slight_smile:

Dont try to wade fish in that marsh have seen people stuck up to there sholders! Good place to yak fish!