Edisto Palmetto Charters, LLC 6/4/18

Plenty of bait in the creeks: mullet, shrimp etc. fished the North Edisto Nearshore Reef around structure and live bottom with live mullet, cut bait and squid. Lots of Black Sea Bass mostly short: red drum, shark and flounder: Spanish Mackerel were plentiful too. One small cobia was safely released along with all the fish we landed today. Great fishing trip and fellowship with Watson O’Cain and his crew! Only one got sea sick and the motion ease and quease ease combo cured him after twenty minutes! That stuff actually works most of the time: thank goodness! If you’re gonna take dramamin, take it 24hrs before getting onto the boat. It needs to get into your system to be effective.

Capt Buddy Bizzell
Edisto Palmetto Charters
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Being on the water is a blessing, catching fish is a bonus!

Great pics. Thanks

Very nice! Looks like a great day on the water.