Edisto Palmetto Charters LLC TESTIMONY

May of 2012, I was born again on Scannawah Island after six hours of spiritual warfare…it was a battle between God and Satan for my soul and God won….Afterwards, God gave me two visions and both have come to pass….one that I’d be a missionary in Africa…I’ve been to Kenya five times since 2015…built seven churches…support an orphan home of 246 kids….I became an ordained reverend 1/30/22…in Matunda Baptist church in Kitale Kenya….the second vision was to be a Captain on my boat and to witness to ten thousand people on 2000 trips….I started Edisto Palmetto Charters LLC in January 2014….I’m over half way there….God has blessed me with his favor through my obedience…I’m available to come to any church gathering and share my story…just let me know…I’ve preached in over 100 church gatherings across the state….no distance is too far….my story is also available on Amazon in a book I published…Face of the Lamb: Jesus is always right on time……To God be the Glory!!! RevCapt Buddy B 803-603-2781


THANKS for the testimony, and the inspiration!!!

Good report too, good on you for helping the impoverished Kenyan people find the Lord, saving their lives here, and their souls for eternity, brother in the Lord!

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Thank you for sharing that inspiring story

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