Edisto / Waterboro Area

Some friends and I went up to the Edisto River this past weekend and caught a ton of bream. The river was so low that you could stop off on some side creeks and fish deeper holes where bream and bass were laying. Here is a pic of buddy of mine and size of the fish we were catching. Not too big but a pretty good time.

Something different.

That looks like fun. I have been wanting to take that trip for a while maybe put in at Jacksonboro and come back to the beach. How low of water did you encounter?

Some places about a foot, but mainly waist deep, some a little deeper. The logs and trees were really something to watch out for in the water. These side creeks are where the pictures are of. We would just pull the boat up and walk em.

Is that in the Canadys area? Also were you catching them on the fly?

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I’m not really sure where that area is. I know the property was up in the walterboro area. We caught a few on the fly but mainly putting a cricket on the end of the fly.