Eels for shark bait

Anybody ever use eels for shark bait ? I can’t see using a live one because they squirm too much. I catch 'em in my minnow trap when I leave it in the water at night. I was thinking about using a big bloody chunk.

i have heard that eels make very good bait for bull sharks so im sure they would be good for other species of shark

Live is always better than dead. I’ve never used one and don’t plan on it because they remind me of big snakes. I hate snakes. . If you do use one try live first.

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Live Eel would be almost impossible… The spin a twist… would be a huge mess for your gear.

I caught plenty of sharks on eels last year in the Broad river when I was cobia fishing. The only way I’d use a live one is if it’s moving through the water such as on a bucktail or if like in the Broad there is current keeping your line tight. From shore I’d stick to chunks

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We use eels to catch stripers at the obx they love them.