Extremely good shot placement and sight acquisition

When a person under duress can put 8 out of 10 pistol rounds in a body at 40 yards, that is impressive. Not many trained law officers or military members could do this. Eli Dicken needs to be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Biden needs to be bragging this dude Up!!! He is a hero!

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Salute Mr Eli Dicken

If more 22 year olds were like him i would stop worrying about the future.


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The sad thing is these fruit loops like on The view are saying he should be charged for having a weapon in a gun-free zone.

These are the same fruit loops that think a sign will stop criminals.

Why are some people so ignorant?

OTC are you serious!? The murderer gets taken down by a guy obeying the constitutional carry law and saved lives and those clown women take the criminals side essentially saying more people should have been murdered instead of a law abiding citizen taking this guy out?
How are they still on TV and who the H377 even still listens to their garbage?

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I’ve been around some good shooters in my time. That is definitely good shooting! Liberals HATE stories like these.

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Thanks for that Dfreedom… My son and I used to do a LOT of target shooting, until ammo prices and availability went ridiculous. 40 yards with a pistol and 8 out of 10 placement shots in a relaxed shooting environment is good. Under the conditions Eli Dicken was in, utter amazement.

I remember on this sight, I posted hitting a target at 50 yards with a 6" group using a security six 357, and I got called out on B.S. I did that under a mellow setting. Put in adrenalin and the shakes that come with it… again and again, this old boy needs Biden to award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I can not find what pistol he used, but i did find that he learned to shot from his Grandfather. Why don’t we have True Journalists following this story and plastered on every Media outlet?!


Curious, if guns don’t kill people, then how do they save people…

People kill people with a gun. People also save other people with a gun. What is your point.

your movie proves nothing. So what if some dude has an accident with a gun. People also have accidents in a car. you wanna take cars away too if they are over a weight limit determined by the government? Someone in my old neighborhood died changing his oil when the car gradually lowered on him because he didn’t use jack stands. should we now make it illegal to change our own oil?
I know someone that died crawling under a house doing electrical work because he grabbed 120VAC and couldn’t let go. should we make electricity illegal?
Accidents happen all the time. What is your point???

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If you put them on ignore, you never see their crap and will never have the urge to respond. This site has gotten SO much better since I put the few malcontents on ignore.