Fall Fishing With the Kids

With cooler temperatures setting in many of us begin to focus our interest in other areas. Deer hunting, college football and honey-do list begin to fill up the calendar. With all of these activities coming into play, many people will miss one of the best times of year to get some kids on the boat and catch plenty of fish. October is one of the best months of inshore fishing the lowcountry has to offer. There is plenty of bait in the creeks and the fish are beginning their forage before the winter months kick in. With a little work and a little planning, you can pull off a day of fishing that a child can remember for the rest of their lives.

There are so many different types of fishing to do during this month. You can go out and specifically target certain species like flounder or sheepshead or you can go for the mixed bag of different species. You can also go after some of the largest redfish you will ever see if you want a kid to catch a really big fish. Everything is in play this time of year and the weather is also a little more favorable as far as the temperatures go.

While free time may be short, don’t miss an opportunity to spend some quality time on the water, teaching our next generation about the great sport of fishing. You may just find that you have more free time in your calendar to go again after one special trip.

Andy Pickett
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