Fall food plots

What are you planting and when? What have you had the most success with?

I’ve got about 3/4 acre plot planted under the power lines on my usual spot. Cow peas after one week are starting to pop up good. The neighbor has a hardwood edge on his 180 acres of soy beans that are about 2 ft tall now. I’m expecting a good season if I can bear getting in the stand in 95 degrees!

On a side note, a 50lb bag of cow peas was $45. Inflation is terrible everywhere.

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Are you gonna try to keep the deer out until the peas grow up a little? I remember when they were 25$ a bag and I thought that was outrageous.

I don’t care quite that much. I know guys that do and swear by it, but I’m just looking to slow them down on their way crossing the power lines.

Besides, if I can’t stop them from eating my heavily guarded watermelons, I don’t think I could stop them from eating a 3/4 acre field!

Them peas will be gone by 8/15.

I wish you the best with it! 3/4 on cow/clay peas in your area and deer numbers is not much. They will crap on all those soy beans to mow your peas to the ground. I had a 4 acre stand of peas eaten in 3 nights. Maybe a cheap solar electric fence box. I’ve got a LOT of meshed electric wire I’ll donate to you. If you can get the peas up a bit and they don’t eat em to the ground they will keep growing after being foraged.

They haven’t eaten them all in years past. Lots of farm land around me and they seem to graze all over. I’ll keep you posted!

I hope you have a couple thermocells in there

The hot and sweaty bird gets the worm.

Cool birds chasing worms this morning

I was parked at Harris Teeter in the shade with the windows down just now and it felt downright balmy.

Haven’t run a/c in the truck for days, can’t get sissified and spoilt.

Jealous… but tempered in fire!

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Previous boss is now retired and spending his summer at their cabin in nowhere upstate NY, just texted and said high 40’s to low 70’s… and he’s got the smallmouth and wild brookies dialed in, all I gotta do is get to Albany

Sounds like I need to write a country song

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Northern New York is beautiful country. Know that. There’s the Battenkill River in Vermont that crosses into upstate new york that has trophy browns in it. When we were there in October, from a distance you could see them slurp off the surface. I never hooked one. I don’t know how far it is from Albany…but I’d figure out a way to get up there.

Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Is it time yet?!!!

Well, this isn’t the Lowcountry but we are only there in winter and spring. Selling our farm to buy a new one and start over. This will be version number 8, 25 years after version number 1.

Kinda got carried away on food plots with over 100 acres. But the evil elk kept eating my bird seed, had to produce more than they can eat.

This video gives a good look at this year’s food plots. Proso millet, safflower and spring wheat, winter wheat and barley. All but the safflower sprayed and clean. Hate to grow a weed patch. Mostly 5 acres and larger. I haven’t had luck with small plots, seem to get eaten up by the wrong critters.

New Montana Ranch for Sale - Spurs and Furs Ranch - Winnett, Mt - YouTube

Dove, grouse and partridge all open in just a few weeks. Hoping for a good season.

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What an impressive ranch. Way outta my league but im green with envy

Thanks for sharing that

A ranch, and no ranch house ? :thinking:

That’s a pretty tract of land, any issues with poaching?


We bought a part of a roughly 35,000 acre ranch. There was no house on our bit and decided not to put up a house since it was only 40 minutes away from where we live (using ordinary Montana highway speeds.) Built a shop with a bathroom and RV hookup. Houses require investment, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. Not planning to live there.

So, so, so many issues with poaching on our property over the years, but not many on this parcel. Only one person run off in two hunting seasons. Good visibility, nowhere to sneak in easily and some really good neighbors. City people underestimate the importance of good neighbors.

Lots of public land in the area, so someone has to really want to cause problems to trespass. It does happen. Less trouble in Winnett, MT than on first 60 acres I ever bought in NC in 1987 - by far.

I enjoyed your post on another thread earlier about doves. The idea about nesting cover is a good one - will try to implement.

I can only imagine the time, effort, and expense, it takes to manage a “Ranch” such as yours?

Well done, Sir!

You don’t know a Sonny Lawson? I think he got run out from around here, and moved up that way. I think was just in some hot water for some poaching issue up that way. Those Montana DNR agents don’t play. If We had a dime for every illegal deer he’s taken in the lowcountry we’d be rich.