Fall In the Lowcountry

The cooler weather this past weekend filled my head with great memories of Fall fishing in the Lowcountry. There is just something about inshore fishing in these months that make it so enjoyable. It goes beyond the fact that some of the best inshore fishing you can experience comes this time of year. I think for me it has more to do with Charleston and the beauty of our city and surroundings. I know this article may be just a little biased and my only excuse is that I was born and raised here and I plan to live nowhere else.

 As we move into the cooler months the amount of boat traffic declines dramatically. Many of the pleasure boaters have thrown tarps over their boats for the year and many seasonal fishermen have put up their boats and pulled out their hunting gear. This still and quiet allows us a unique opportunity to hear and see some of the things that make Charleston a very popular place to live and visit.

 If you are fishing in the harbor, the view of the city and the skyline is very beautiful as the sun rises on the city and equally as beautiful as the sun sets behind it. If you listen closely on a Saturday afternoon you may hear the marching band and the cannons fire as the Citadel football team does battle (another thing I love about Fall, Football). A ride along the battery reminds me of our cities proud past and a quick glance at the cities skyline reveals church steeples as far as the eye can see reminding me of how lucky I am to live in a free country. The number of rivers and small creeks and the beauty is beyond words. Sneaking back into some of the smaller creeks where the land is undeveloped offers and abundance of undisturbed wildlife that would make Marlin Perkins feel like a kid in a candy store.

 All of these things, and many more, combined with the ability to watch a monster redfish come cruising by, make me feel fortunate to live here and share these experiences with my family. I have a feeling that I am not the only one that enjoys the great inshore fall fishi