I have been looking for this guy for 5 years, back when I was taller than my son!!

Nice ,what beach

Incredible, most surf fishers will search a lifetime and never catch something that big. Great day for you and your son, did you get to measure that beast? Congratulations Mr. Roofer:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Runbaby I have admired your pictures for years glad I can put one on here to be proud of. I did not measure it my goal was to get the hook out snap a quick picture then get it back in the water. I didn’t have a tape on me and my ruler on my cart only goes to 36"
I wish I knew how long it was and what it weighed

He’ at least 45 fish of a lifetime

My guess would be around 47inch an 35lbs. Either way something special, and a remember able day, glad it was with your boy, its something he will tell his kids the day him and grandpa caught a monster.

Very nice!!! Congrats! With a “pinched” tail…I’ll call it 50" :stuck_out_tongue: Beautiful! :smiley:

…and WE don’t need to know “What beach?” [:0]…just sayin’. Great catch.

I went to Henry’s today to buy some more bait and I showed the old boy the picture he compared it to one on the wall and said " son that one weighed 55 lbs and I think yours is a little bigger"
I think he was being generous but I’ll take it.

great fish,
T shirt better,
cap not so much.

Congrats on that beach beauty.

That’s a terrific catch, and I’ll bet it was an epic fight. You could roughly figure his length by measuring the “D” on your son’s shirt then enlarge the photo on your screen so the “D” measures evenly…like a half inch then every half inch of fish will equal whatever you measured the “D” on the shirt at.then you will have a close length…if that makes sense.

That’s a stud!!! Nice catch.

J Ford

Walkman I am in Rhode Island right now but I sent the photo to a local printing company when I get home I am going to break it down and measure the fish in comparison to the D great idea.
It is definitely a record for me. Thanks guys.

holy cow! congrats man. that is super impressive

you had a good day

I would say about 7 heads wide or 56" , great catch any way you look at it !

[:0]:sunglasses::smiley::smiley::smiley: funny as all get out!

Wow! Thats one heck of a fish. Congrats.

Thanks for the creative head measure I think I am printing that one for the wall!
And just for the record I now have a tape and scale in my bucket.

Don’t scale a fish that big its bad for them and weights vary a lot but fish don’t get shorter.

Good point it would probably do a lot of damage to a fish that size to hook them on a scale. My main concern when I landed the fish was to get a quick picture then get it back in the surf. I never touched it’s gills and when I walked back in with it he was ready to go.
That big red will make someone else’s day I’m sure of that.
When I picked it up I told my son it had to weigh fifty pounds. It would be nice to know.