First Bull Red of the Year

I caught this one at the Hunting Island pier. I used a cut up whitting head on a #7 circle hook, it put up a great fight and was quickly returned to the water after a few pics.

What was the tide doing when you caught the fish?

It was almost finished coming all the way in and was just shy of slack tide

Great catch off the pier!!! This is one of nicest fish I have seen caught off pier. Good job!:sunglasses:

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Nice work BPC!

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Thanks y’all it made my day

Nice catch! Hunting Island pier was my first adventure in fishing the lowcountry many, many years ago…even though all we did was catch crabs it was enough to keep us coming back to the area for almost two decades now.

Good job off the pier!

Dang nice job! I’ve not seen a spot tail that large caught off the pier.

There were two others caught that day on the pier, but they were not mine, the old guy next to me landed on an additional 6 or 7 inches longer than mine.

Nice fish, bet that was a job off the peir!

All I have to say is thank god for a pier net!