First red ever!

Took the day off yesterday and went to Sullivan’s at station 22 1/2. winds were west to east at the top of high tide. Set both my rods out with whole finger mullet and 30 min later this red hit. Once the tide stared going out the winds changed and were coming in from the north and the blues were tearing up my bait.

Nice fish. Keep at it, the big ones will be coming through soon.

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Great job, I was out at 28th and hooked into a big boy.
Snapped my leader like it was nothing. The Blues were out in force but some had some decent size to them.

I changed up my usual 25lb fluro leader to 36"-125lb mono with a 12" 170lb solid steel leader with an 80lb coastal lock swivel. Not sure if all that sounds feasible to the experienced guys but it gives me some flexibility for hook size as well as multiple fish types without having to change out my rig. two weeks ago I pulled in two 3’ TL sharks and a 24" and 36" stingray with this set up. I use a removable slider to attach my sputnik sinkers, which came off landing the red but I found it at low tide in the sand.

So far every sinker slider I have tried has weak clips and will cost you your weight when stress is put on it. The only reason I still use them is because I tell myself well it would release if the fish was hung up by the weight. Nice first red, stay using the finger mullets and you will catch a real big one and whole mullets work on reds up to about a foot so don’t think a 6-9 inch mullet is to big those are perfect for the 30 plus inch reds.

Walkman thats AWESOME, nice looking red you got there and I’ve never seen that method for covering up the rays tail and barb. dont let him get you, as for your leader, I’ve been using 50# mono and haven’t had any issues, hook tied straight to leader #5 daiachi. Great job now you’ve got the bug.


Thanks everyone. Runbabyrun, got the bug the weekend of the 2 sharks and rays. I was trying to work a fork of sorts with a friend at work made from Aluminum that you could just put around the tail and sink into the sand a foot or so just to keep it from whipping around. the only problem with the sand spike is you have to keep a hold of it or the ray can slide its tail out and I would really prefer not to cut the barb off so I’m still working on that.
I like the Owner tournament mutu circles 7/0 personally.

Looks like a good time Walkman, good looking fish. As far as Stingray barbs, I will almost always “debarb” the big ones. It can be difficult to flip the bigger ones on there backs by yourself to remove the hook, I fish alone 99% of the time, all the rest keep their barbs. A 40#-50# Ray can be a hand full, and they WILL become defensive when your prying a 6/0-8/0 heavy circle out of it’s jaw. Don’t fell sad though, it’s just like triming your toe nails. They grow back.

I did not know that learn something new every day. I generally dont pull them to far on the beach and if removing the hook gets too sticky I cut line at the hook and call it a day. Mr Parker Ive got another question for you, If I recall correctly I remember someone saying some rays tails will actually sting you is this true:question:

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I I remember someone saying some rays tails will actually sting you is this true:question:

No…the barb will STAB you though! The tail is just a tail like a Skate, after debarbing. Makes a good handle for draging them back into the sea. I have been stuck before, the worst pain I have EVER felt! Have a permanent scar.

2nd that on the barb sting. I got stung on my left hand once and the pain shot up my arm, across my chest and down the other arm. Scared the sh** out of me too ! I was standing in about a foot of water on a sandbar in the Kiawah River. Had to paddle the canoe back with that pain.

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Not to hijack this thread… Do you use pliers, tin snips, or what to debarb?

Originally posted by jlnft

Not to hijack this thread… Do you use pliers, tin snips, or what to debarb?

And do you clip it, pull it, or snap it off?

I got stung buy one smaller than a dinner plate and it went straight in and out but hit the bone and vein in my wrist. I have had allergic reactions in the past to stuff so between the pain, fear of infection and thinking I had an allergic reaction based on internet description. I went to the ER, 18 with no insurance cost $350, they gave me morphine and it still hurt like crazy so one of the nurses got hot water and the pain stopped immediately, no stitches because they didn’t want to seal in bacteria. They said punctures get infected more commonly than a gash and that should be your main worry is infection not allergic reaction. My uncle has been bit by rattle snakes, has been shot, and many more crazy things but a stingray sting is the worst pain he has ever been through just as a reference. Did not know the barbs grew back.

With all that being said Im going to cut the line by hook and let um go while they are still kickin so they leave my area less handling the less chance of getting stuck, simple, and Mr Parker needs to write a book. Thanks for that DP.

I’ve only caught 3 rays and it seems that if you let them sit for a minute they calm down and stop swinging that tail around. Then I grab my 16" needle nose pliers and stab it into the sand on either side of the tail around the barb. then I grab the tail and slide the sand spike on. on the smaller rays( under 36") I can stand on the sand spike, lift the ray up and pull the hook out. The one in the photo above was to long for me to do it on my own.

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Not to hijack this thread… Do you use pliers, tin snips, or what to debarb?

Yeah Walkman, sorry. :smiley: Again congrats on the Red and big Ray!

For smaller Rays, say 20# or less, I just flip them on their backs. Sometimes grabbing a wing with pliers helps in the flip. One hand holding it down, dehook. With the plies, I grab them by the tail right at the base of the barb and chunk the back into the surf. For the big ones, get the gloves on, strickly for grip, grab the end of tail, with pliers just clamp the barb on break it off. Then reach underneath and take the hook out. Drag them by the tail into knee deep water and watch them swim away.

Caught my first Ray today haha. It was a tiny little thing maybe the size a small dinner plate. Soooo nervous haha. I folded up my shirt and placed it on there and then got the hook out. If I am up by the mouth, can they still stick you? Or can that thing come up the side and side swipe ya

If the Ray is on its back, I don’t see how it could stick you. I’ve never had a problem when they are upside down. Next one I land maybe I’ll take some pics and post a tutorial on “How not to get stuck by a Stingray”. :stuck_out_tongue: Will work on the book later. :smiley:

Here is a pic of a double barbed Ray ready to go back to stick another day. This is how I carry the smaller Rays back to the surf.