Fish ID

Hey guys. I caught this in the surf the other day at folly. Anyone know what type it is? Some type of snapper? Can I keep them? Is there a size or limit you want? Thank you!

Looks like a Gray Snapper (Mangrove) to me. They must be 12 inches and you can keep ten of em

Grey snapper all the way…real tasty if fried like a brim. Skin cooks up like a potato chip.

It seems that them and some other fish are coming north from Florida. I heard those snappers school did you catch a couple, I caught some last year at the second to last set of rocks on the light house side at folly, the best set of rocks (my opinion) except at low tied.

17ft Key west

I only caught the one. The potato chip comment has me crazed and now I need to catch some more! :slight_smile: I let this one go. oh well.

Thanks for all the replys