Fishing Beads

Was on Amazon down a rabbit hole of different fishing stuff they might have and got to wondering.

What’s the deal with fishing bead prices in comparison to say, jewelry beads of the same diameter? Outside of internal and external diameters, what makes the ones from our LTS (local tackle shop), more expensive than the ones you can get off say, Amazon or from Hobby Lobby that are advertised for jewelry?

I use glass beads either way, just in case a point is brought up about plastic vs glass beads.

Did not know that, I may have to order some. I use a few for slip corks.What color do you use and what rigs?

I use the cheap ones from walmart craft section

My wife has a lot of kraft hobbies. I’ve been “borrowing” plastic, metal and glass beads from her for my different fishing setups for years.

I’ve used them for slip corks too, but mainly for Carolina rigs. The glass “clanks” the brass or tungsten weights.

Usually I stick to a mixture of black/grey and clear. Try to give it a “mullet” shine as that’s what I fish with mostly, but I will use any color really, if I can’t find what I’m looking for. Always glass though. Never plastic.

I bought a big pack about 10 yrs ago from craft store for about nothing & i probably have 500 to 1000 left. All colors, from what i can tell fish don’t seem to care.

agree. I use the orange or green plastic ones for my pre-made carolina rigs. I never thought about trying to find silver or something that blends in. I wonder if it matters.

I use beads for a few things, but mostly to keep egg sinkers from banging into my barrel swivels on carolina rigs thus weaking my terminal tackle.

It doesnt take a lead weight long banging against stainless steel to smash braid.

i dont think size or colors matter (batter up)

I always thought the red beads represented blood for attraction, like making a cut in live bait, if that is true then red is a better color.

The bead is small & sandwiched between a pc of lead & a swivel laying in sand or mud. Between that & our murky waters I doubt the fish really see.

I’ve always been told Blue in offshore and red inshore. ? Bill Dance says it’s more about contrast and movement and not color. I like white in murky water. Which is why the old White braid thread made me chuckle. Always been told Green line is the best to use for all around invisibility.

Bass only see in hues of red and green i think, so theres that

According to science red is the first color that disappears from human sight under water at certain depths if I remember correctly that was Shakespeare’s sales gimmick for Cajun Red the first red mono I’d ever seen

who knows what fish can see

A bunch of grown men talking about jewelry on a fishing site! Sheesh!! :speak_no_evil: