Fishing for reds

With the bite being slow but consistent lately I hit the beach with the old man with intentions of him getting a big red from the beach. I got some action but no reds, just sharks and Ray’s. Finished the day with three different types of sharks and three different types of Ray’s. Kept the cownose and bonnet head for shark bait. Had a shark bite me off as well.

About 3 minutes to land, never locked down. Some beach walkers saw it and said they are delicious. I’ve been told this a lot lately about Ray’s.

Probably 20 minutes to land. It locked down in a ft of water and was unmovable. Poked him with the rod and he’d move 3 ft but lockdown right after. I had to drag him in slowly over about 15 minutes, pulling with the rod over my shoulder. It was interesting to see that they can lockdown but still flap there wings some. I always assumed they barried there wings but it’s definitely some sort of suction they do with there mouths or gills.

Donated by your local Redfisher,. He got two nice reds while I was on the beach.

Shoes for a size reference for when I send my buddy the message that we got bait.

The old man having trouble squatting by his catch. How did I know it wasn’t a red when he was fighting it? It wasn’t strong enough to be one.

I’m the guy you helped pull in the ray on your way out. Appreciate that again bud. I stayed for about another hour after you left and nada.

40 do you think its a matter of conditions or its starting to thin out???

They were slamming yesterday

Ran out of good bait. Only had one menhadden and like 6 finger mullet. They didn’t want whiting yesterday but the sharks did. I put the old man on a 39 incher, his biggest red( still not in the 40 club) and some lady’s next to me on a 40 incher.

Got this guy on the donated cownose by Mr. O, thank you. I’m gonna try to catch mullet this week since I’m out and I’ll make sure to get some for you to try to return the favor. I need more cownose. 8 ft 4 my biggest shark this year but i haven’t shark fished much this year, maybe 5 times. I couldn’t use my harness either because a clip fell off since last time I used it so It was all arms and my 80wide combo is a solid 15#s and a eight ft broom stick. The tiger didn’t fight much though. I basically dragged it in with ease Makes me think just how big the fish I’ve lost are.


On the reds I’ve noticed the turn of the tides are best. First two hrs of high tide falling and the first three hrs of low tide rising. Dead low is when the Ray’s seem to bite a lot. I’ve noticed that the person with the best bait catches the most reds when location isn’t an issue. There are some spots where i fish that there are better spots within the area. If you get the best spot then you usually get the reds even when they’re not running hard. I’m at 10 for October with 6 being over forty and the biggest being 41.5. if i wouldn’t of ran into the bait issue yesterday i could of probably caught a lot more. I had to break offs on casters yesterday, one a jumbo tipper or spinner over six ft, It jumped once in close right one I hooked it and then smoked off 300yds at about 20#s of drag and I bumped up the drag and it pulled another 20yds slowly before my 80# drum rig popped at the upper loop. Then another big sha

Wow! Great report:+1: