Fishing for the Light Offshore Classic

Just a heads up, there will be a classic style offshore tournament based out of Sunset Cay Marina on Folly Beach Saturday May 24th. $150 entry fee/$100 Calcutta categories for Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin and King. Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category in addition to Calcuttas.

Sign me up! This is gonna be a fun time with some great folks.

Sounds like something we might be interested in. How hard is it to get from the marina to the ocean. Never fished out of there. Isn’t that the Stono that people have been talking about.

It is, we fish out of that inlet all the time. There will be plenty of folks that can help you become familiar with it’s navigation. We will have 3 committee boats you can follow in close to weigh in time. We are going to allow folks to depart from anywhere they like and if you’re not comfortable with the Stono inlet, you can come through Wappoo cut past St. Johns the back way. Sunset Cay will also be offering slips for $1.50/foot per night if anyone is interested. That’s $45/night for a 30’ boat!

Sounds like a plan. Will check for more details in couple days. Usually fish out of Edisto but have access to house in Folly. Sounds like a good weekend with the guys.

We already have about 8 verbal commitments without even starting our advertising campaign, so weather permitting, we expect a good turnout!

Our crew is in.

You will need an HMS permit (free) from NMFS if the target species include billfish, tunas or sharks. The boats (not free) will also need a HMS vessel permit if they fish for or intend to land any of these species. See link below large fines for non compliance.

Thanks Hungryneck. I spoke with DNR and they mentioned the same thing, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. The shortcut is much appreciated!

Fishing for the Light Offshore Classic will be held Saturday May 24th, 2014 (backup days May 25th and June 7th). All proceeds will go to Save the Light/Morris Island Lighthouse. Registration form and tournament rules are being finalized as we speak. Registration will be $100 before April 20th and $150 after April 20th. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Billfish(pts), Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin and King. Prizes will consist of gift certificates and merchandise. Calcutta/TWT categories will be $100 each and entered at the Captains Meeting Thursday May 22nd @ Sunset Cay Marina on Folly Beach. Please send a Private Message with your e-mail address and I will send registration form and rules as soon as they are finalized

looking good…Save The Light really appreciates the support!

The Morris Island Lighthouse

We have decided to remove the billfish category so as not to require circle hooks with natural baits. Thanks for the overwhelming support and interest in making this tournament a success!

We (Holy City Outdoors) would love to donate some apparel (i.e. performance tees, hats, visors) for silent auction or raffle, whatever you may have at the captains meeting. Email me at any info I may need for this. Thanks.


we have a web page!
we have a facebook page!

Thanks for the offer Reel Therapy! The tournament Facebook page is now “liking” Holy City Outdoors, and OTAY and I like it too.

We hope to make this a great local tournament. We’re getting some good interest, and looking forward to getting the word out even more. For folks that are on Facebook, please “like” our page! We think that will help spread the word and get us lots of participation and lots of both fun and funds raised for

If anyone wants to chat about the tournament, please email me at or call my cell at 202.669.3363.

Im fishing that day if weather permits, we will enter

First off, Thanks to Tim Pickett and Charleston Fishing for becoming a sponsor for the inaugural “Fishing for the Light Offshore Classic” you’ll notice a banner ad at the top of the offshore reports page which has a link to the registration form and tournament flyer. We’d also like to thank all of our sponsors, which include: Accucom Integrations Group, Taco Boy, Haddrell’s Point Tackle, Coastal Services HVAC, Sunset Cay Marina Bar and Grill, Vacation Rentals Folly Beach, Alex Hunter Real Estate, The Barell, Juanita Greenberg’s, Tbonz, and Folly Beach Shrimp Co. We have 5 sponsorship opportunities remaining. Take a look at our finished Jolly Roger!

the CF community is a great group and I look forward to this being a bigtime, fun event…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

Based on some good ■■■■■■■■ we’ve gotten, we have changed the rules to allow teams to bring fish to Sunset Cay for the Weigh-In via any means. Prior to this change, we were requiring teams to bring fish to Weigh-In via boat. We’re more than happy to make the change and hope it encourages lots of participation!

A full version of the updated rules is posted on the tournament web site:

And, on the tournament Facebook page:

That rule change allows for widespread dishonesty. That is just reality. The tournament sounds and looks great and having the weigh in at Sunset Cay makes it more localized and challenges people to do something different. With money on the line it seems confusing to justify a drastic rule change like that when it is geared as a local fun meatfish tournament. 70ft sportys can’t safely go in and out of lighthouse or stono inlets but they can easily drive a fish in the car that they caught or another boat down the dock. There are alot of cool things about tournaments like this keeping the playing field level but that rule change changes that. I think it is a great event, but weighing the fish by boat should be a mandatory part of it. Just my 2 cents