Fishing report

Not really a poster but things have been slow on the board so will give an actual fishing report. Fished offshore yesterday on a flat ocean. Saw a lot of life with warm water temps. Had a nice weed line covered in chicken dolphin all the slingers you wanted. Saw a lot of tuna on the top with a lot bait scattered around. Ended the day with 9 tuna hand full of dolphin and b liners and some Bonita for the cats. Bottom fishing sucked due to the ripping current. Could not get 20 ounces to the bottom.

Capt. Jeff Smith

Wow, good to see ya post on here, Jeff. Had to be ripping for 20 oz. not working.

Planning on doing the Shootout this year so I am hoping to see ya there.

Take care,

07, 23 Key West, Twin 115 Yammys

“Coastal Bound”

20 oz and no bottom… did you forget to take the boat out of gear??? just kidding!

good to hear of signs of life out deep.

Wow that’s crazy you couldn’t get bottom with that, any size to the BFTs? Nice work and thanks for the report.

Hey there Glenn. Been a while. Hope things are going well. That’s awesome your fishing the shootout. I encourage anybody that fishes offshore to fish the series and shootout. What captain Marc has done along with a lot of other good folks is put on a very well ran event. A lot of great friendly competition and 100 percent payout.

As far as the fishing goes decent size tuna. We took shots all day from the minute the first bait hit the water to the time we pulled lines. Had 4 cutoffs three which we believe were wahoo.

Capt. Jeff Smith