Fishing Stories

The drag starts screaming that sweet sound, " fish on " it takes us a minute to grab the rods as we hear a splash off in the distance. Could it be the man in the silver suit, or would it turn out to be another blacktip or spinner shark? Too early to tell due to the darkness of night, but what ever it was it was peeling line off like a freight train. The fish starts to cooperate and I start to get back some line, another splash, then another, maybe it would be a good time to turn on the spreader lights to see if the light will give us a look. No more splashing but within a few more minutes the leader is in hand, a tarpon is beside the boat. A quick picture in the water and a scale for a souvenir, we revive the 80 pound beast to fight another day. Lines back in to see if we could have a repeat performance. With four lines in the water, two with large live mullet and the other two with half a blue crab or dead menhadden, the action never slowed for more than 15 minutes. No more poons, but we picked at numerous other species such as: sharks, rays, bluefish, and red drum. This was a great summer evening with some good friends watching the sun set over Charleston. I have had my greatest success catching tarpon at night or near sunset. This year I have not had many customers wanting to tarpon fish, and the three that we have hooked so far have been by accident. The first one happened on May 8th, while throwing rattle traps at bluefish, when a local customer of mine hooked a small tarpon which we soon lost after a grand aerial display on 8 pound test line. The next 2 fish were hooked while either fishing for sharks or big redfish. One of the two made it to the boat after a 45 minute battle that took us down the beach about 1/2 mile; I would estimate the fish between 80-100 pounds. The tarpon this year have not seemed to have arrived in any numbers or any certain pattern. I have heard of a few catches at the popular spots (Bulls Bay, and Devuexs Bank), but not to the numbers of years past. Maybe September will be the