Folly 5/19

Hello- I fished the folly pier tournament last Saturday and didn’t have much luck at all. I am looking for as many suggestions as possible. We fished bottom rigs with fresh cut shrimp. We caught about a dozen useless Perch, one decent Whitening, a Spade, and a few baby sharpnose.

What are the best rigs to use on a pier? Where on the pier is the bet place to fish? Is it recommended to fish around the artificial reef? Anything better to use then shrimp? I am ready to go back but I am hoping for a little more action.

Try using a carolina rig. Egg sinker, 4/0 circle hook, 12-18 inches of 20lb. leader, and a swivel. Try it with finger mullet, cut mullet, cut pinfish or any other good cut bait. Good luck in catching fish!

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kinda a shock tonight i was trying for kings (only caught sharpnose) and had a sabiki rig out with tiny pieces of squid and shrimp trying to catch bait, but got this on it without biting through the line.

I’ve had spanish bite through sabiki rigs…Did this one have teeth :slight_smile:

ha very small ones but yes. somehow got hooked at the corner of the mouth and teeth must not have touched the line i was wondering how i didnt lose it lifting it out of the water and with a crappie rod at that.

I swear that looks like a hammerhead the way the head lines are sharp.

yup baby scalloped hammerhead

just-friggin’-born baby scalloped, they don’t get any smaller than that!

stuck- a 4/0? as a general fishfinder, maybe scale it down a bit… especially if using shrimp over squid or cut fish. if tending the rod, no need for the circle in my opinion, especially if you’re just getting familiar with that type of fishing. i have landed an 11lb sheep (back when that was legit) and many 30+" redfish on an owner #1 j hook, you’ll miss a lot of fish on a pier with a 4/0!

SP- nothing is better than shrimp at finding fish, it’s just that every single fish in the ocean will find it, including the 3,000 pinfish, baby bluefish, stingrays, oyster toads, croaker, sea urchins, etc living around structure… but it beats not catching fish! also, silver perch aren’t useless if you’re putting cut bait back out on a larger rod for reds and sharks. can’t target sharks from the pier, but you can from the surf!

good luck and post your successes!

Thanks for the advice. Is it better to fillet the Perch for bait or should I use them whole when targeting larger fish?

Also- are live shrimp better? They seem a lot more expensive. Do any of you catch your own shrimp. If so, how? I bought a few pounds of large shrimp from Wando Shrimp in Mt P. and cut them up for bait.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t a bonnethead, man, that is a baby.

SP while trying for kings i was using whole small perch and it didnt take long for the sharpnose to smack them for me and the 1 other guy with a trolley rig. others towards the back of the pier had constant hookups too. you cant “target” them on the pier, however its about impossible NOT to catch incidental sharpnose right now. ive caught tons of them on cut mullet, a few on squid, and seen plenty on shrimp on bottom rigs too. they are a blast to play with on light tackle though thats for sure.