Folly Beach and Kiawah Parks

Is surf fishing allowed at Folly Beach and/or Kiawah Parks? My wife requires a restroom at the site where she sits in her folding chair and reads (why I’m thinking a county park). Sitting in a chair and reading is a little boring for me so I thought I could cast in the surf while she does her thing. We’ll be going on a week day next week so hopefully there won’t be a big crowd in the surf to interfere where I fish. Probably not the best fishing spots but "catching is optional on this trip.

Surf fishing is allowed on all low country beaches, except in designated swimming/surfing areas as long as you have a SC fishing and saltwater licence or you are fishing from a fishing pier. My wife sits and reads as well, their loss.

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Hope this help

Folly beach county park had a killer trough showing at low tide last time I was out (starting at the groin and heading north), high tide there should be nice. Caught whiting, a small black drum and a bonnet head there last week but it was low tide and I was walking through the trough and casting in the surf

18ft Polar CC 115 Yam.

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That trough at the S end county park is great for the kids but strangely not so productive at least not yet this season. Fills in with smaller fish on the incoming tide but nothing much to talk about. I am sure that groin will be good during some sort of conditions but I have yet to find it. The little blues invade it pretty hard too so that’s annoying.