Folly inlet report 3/11/20

Walked down to the South inlet to fish with the wind at my back and without the waves. I fished the end of low outgoing and the very first of the incoming and let them biting. The whiting bite was steady and had some ray action as well. I missed a few good hits that seemed like big whiting or something bigger. There were some little nibblers around, a lot of like 8 inch whiting and a few bigger. The incoming had the better bite and the bigger whiting hit better when the tide was moving. Overall there was steady action just nothing seemed bigger then 2#s even the ones I missed.

I thought I had about 50 hits in a row but it was this little guy on there.

Atlantic Stingray

Thanks for the update. I’ll be down there mid-April regardless of the Corona-virus situation. I could do without the rays but love the whiting.