Folly Surf 6/10-6/11

Hey everybody, first time poster here. Let me start out by saying I’m very new to Saltwater fishing. I’ve gone three times and it’s been pretty good so far. I’m still trying to get my gear and setups right. I’m about to start making my own wire leaders with crimps and thimbles. I don’t know if I’ll catch anything over 4ft, but I’m trying. The one issue I keep having is my leader twisting into my braid on the cast and popping with a good size fish.

6/10 - I fished from 0300-0900. I didn’t have much action at night not counting small whiting. Finally around 0600 I caught 5 Sharp nose (3ft) sharks and one decent Red.

6/11 - I fished from 0900-1600. I didn’t have any real luck during low tide, but around 1230 the action started to turn on. My line parted 3 times most likely due to the twisting in the braid. I ended up catching 1 Blacktip, 6 Sharp nose, and 2 whiting.

I’m going to start fishing only 2 rods at a time to make it easier on me. I want to try the lighthouse inlet, but I haven’t just yet. I live in Sumter (2 1/2hrs away) so any suggestions for the surf would be greatly appreciated. I’m fishing on the surf near the lighthouse inlet turn.

Hello i was new last season and have come along way into this season. I use 50lb mono shock leaders on my rods for general surf fishing. Its about 15ft tied onto my braid using an fg knot. My shark rods i use about 20ft of 80lb mono tied onto my braid with an fg knot. I was using 400lb cable at first for my shark leaders. This year ive switched to 2ft 175lb single strand wire with a 250lb barrell swivel with a 10/0 2xstrong mustad demon perfect circle hook. Put a braid friendly sinker slider on the line before you tie the leader on. As for catching everything else double drop steel leaders with 4/0 circle hooks with cut bait or shrimp will catch just about everything from the surf.