Freedive Spearfishing?

I have just gotten into freediving and would like to learn to spearfish. Is there anyone else in Charleston that freedives or is interested to try? If there are some people who have a boat to go offshore l will split the cost of gas to go. Any information you have would be great.

I just filled my crew for tomorrow. We mostly scuba, but I’ve been wanting to try spearing while freediving.
There isn’t much visibility until we get out to 60 feet, so it’s a long swim to the bottom. It’s hard to be a beginner around here.
It seems like driving to FL for weekend trips would be the best way to go. I wouldn’t mind getting together with some other’s and sharing a trip down there.

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Ah ok. If you are going out free diving, I would be interested. The deepest water I’ve had the opportunity to swim in was 52 feet and I could sit on the bottom for a while and look at stuff. I am a beginner, but I think I could easily manage 60 feet.

Carter Beall