Fripp Inlet This Weekend

Anyone been through the breakers since the last two storms?
Low tide was sketchy a couple months ago and the buoy was gone.

I went through it about 10 days ago, there is a big new buoy there. It looked like from the buoy you could either head south then east to get out or you might be able to go due North to get out. I saw a guy come back in that way, I just stick with the southern route. It’s definitely different from 6 months ago though.

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You were right on the money.

If anyone finds a Riffe bouncing around FI Reef its mine.
Don’t ask how I lost it just know that stupid comes easy to me on some days.

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You talking about a long gun?

Whats the condition on the Russ pt landing at low ?? Been wanting to fish the inlet but not sure of landing!!!:question:


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What was going on at the FI reef? Any good action?

Mostly Spades,almost legal Sheephead, Cudas, sea bass and a few dinky Triggers. Shot a nice flounder and saw a nearly legal Grouper. Did not get to the main barges. BTW DNR sunk another boat there in June.

A lot of variety on this site.
Even a Goliath Grouper a few years back.

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So you were diving? I think I remember a video you posted a few years back.

Beats the heck out of going to the Aquarium.
Lots of cool stuff to see.

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What is the visibilty like down there in the summer?

About 15-25 depending on conditions but still pretty bright on a sunny days.

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Used to dive there in the 60’s was great place to spear good fish!