From Sen. Robert Ford regarding interim hire...

This is an actual email that I received over the weekend. I will just leave it right here for you all.




University of South Carolina Board of Trustees and White Alumni,

 When President Glenn McConnell took the helm as President of the College of Charleston, one of the first hiring decisions he made was to hire a Black Basket Ball Coach, great move towards diversity.

 Every University in the South Eastern Conference (SEC) have had at least 3, 4 or more black quarter backs,

except USC.

As you know, Clemson University has had many black quarterbacks. I am very disappointed in the action of the President and Athletic Director at the University of South Carolina for not appointing a Black interim coach when Coach Spurrier resigned. Not only did you not hire a Black who was on staff and in line for the position you reached several levels down to appoint the present interim who is White.

 The University of South Carolina graduates have made many contributions not only to the University of South Carolina, but to America, in all fields of endeavor. I dream of the day when the University of South Carolina will be the headlight of Diversity and not the Taillight;  thus, I am asking my committed, strong white friends who are alumnus of the Great University of South to step up to the leadership role and request Diversity in this area for the good of South Carolina.

Finally, why have the State NAACP and the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus

not addressed this matter, we can never get tired.

Luke 8:22-25

Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this came from Ford, what a Bafoon!!!

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Wait, so you are a “strong white friends who are alumnus of the Great University of South”?

How did you get on that email list and is this really legit?

It can’t be…

Was/Is he advocating for Ward to be the interim?

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Some of Phin’s greatest writing

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Does this count as part of his community service requirement? It looks like it took him at least 10 hours to write this up.

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How did you get on that email list and is this really legit?

I can post other emails from Robert Ford since he was kicked out of the Senate if you’d like to see…

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Some of Phin’s greatest writing

You can’t make this stuff up…

I’m also curious to know which black assistant coach was “in line” to take over the head coaching position.

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Last one I got from Robert Ford before his letter to White Alumni and Board members…


July, 2015

Is the Root of Biasness Racism and Bigotry?

By Senator Robert Ford

Not to demean the efforts of the Governor and members of the S.C. General Assembly, most certainly not to denigrate the loss of life of the Emanuel Nine; I contend, there is no way possible to have a serious discussion about bringing down the one Confederate Flag that was put up in 2000, without a serious understanding of the magnitude of removing the four flags that were erected in 1962. The non-conversation regarding the removal of four flags as a result of the enactment of S.1266 is more egregious. Four flags were removed by one single bill (S.1266), without a companion bill in the S.C. House.

Without that conversation, it simply means that you are trying to discredit my legislative effort, something that I am proud to have accomplished. In my opinion that is simply prejudicial, biased and demonstrates bigoted behavior by the news media towards me.

Do local, state and national media have the right to change or rewrite history? When, I introduced my first Confederate Flag Bill in 1993, I lost my job in national car sales several days later and have not been able to find a job since. I have suffered from this issue, I am determined that no one will discredit or diminish my efforts.

The Bill I introduced to remove the Confederate Flag became law in 1999. It was first introduced in 1993, the year I was first elected to the S.C. Senate. I was persistent and determined to get this legislation passed and it took seven (7) long years.

S1266 removed four Confederate Flags; it removed one flag from the House Chamber and one flag from the Senate Chamber; the main flag from the Capitol Dome and the flag in the main lobby of the Capitol. Also, at the same time I introduced S.60, the establishment of two separate legal State holidays

Senator Ford=Shinta?

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Senator Ford=Shinta?

I was kinda thinking the same thing…“catfish bite”…

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The grammar is just bad enough that it could actually be from him.

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So Phin is a South Carolina Gamecock alumni?

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So Phin is a South Carolina Gamecock alumni?

You’d like that wouldn’t you?

Just know that I know a thing or two…and my photoshop skillz are excellent.

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Originally posted by 23Sailfish

Just know that I know a thing or two…and my photoshop skillz are excellent.

Luke 8:22-25

Sure sounds like something he would send after being
drummed out.

Nothing sadder than illrelevance
after rellivence.