Getting closer!!

To our annual trip down to Coosaw! Jim has been posting some fantastic pics on FB that are getting my “fishy” senses tingling :smiley:

As we have been doing for about 20 years now we’ll be over across from Sam’s Point and will be bringing my old johnboat down to cruise the spots around Lucy and over across the way.

Will be bringing my (now) 82 year old Dad with us so that he can keep telling fish stories with the twinkle in his eye that I love to see.

Oh yeah Glenn-you’ve got some pickled dogs and bologna that will be at the house again too!

Looks like we should be pulling in on Sat 10/15 but will only have a week this year. Dad wanted a different look at fishing so we’ll probably get a day on water with Steve Roll too and hopefully get a drink with him later at Dockside too!!

Doug, looking forward to seeing y’all. Thanks again for the pickled dogs:stuck_out_tongue:!

Steve is a good guy and should put you on em. I haven’t been inshore fishing but a couple of times so, I’m not exactly dialed in. Been hooked on the offshore stuff.

Will be in touch and be careful on the road.