Good day/bad day

The dog and I headed out to our fishing spot on sat in a remote part of the beach where I rarely see anyone. We found a beautiful ledge with a nice trough in front and set up a couple feet off the ledge for what looked like was going to be a beautiful day. We fished for 2 hrs and just caught a handful of nice whiting and some baby sharks -no reds or big sharks. I saw a crowd of people heading down the beach coming towards us so I leashed my dog to the surf cart so there wouldnt be any problems. The people now close- could be identified easily it was 8 women wearing bikinis with washboard abs having a girls weekend. They came up to me talked for a while which was NICE [:0]. I then let one of the girls reel in a baby shark and threw it back to the ocean. When I threw it back my lab strapped to the cart did what labs do, she retrieved . She pulled my rig and flipped everything down embankment spilling everything. I scrambled to save what I could but lost a few things kitchen sheers, filet knife and small stream light flash light, and worst of all my ice for my beer :frowning_face: I regrouped cleaned up my mess and fished on believing in my spot. After drinking warm beer and ripping apart whiting as I had no knife came my pay-off 2 hrs later. I had a fish on. It took me 30 min to get in on 30 pd test and spinning gear, on a 25 lb class pole, that I thought could break at any time so I was patient. I landed what I think was a lemon shark that was in 5-6 ft range. The day had gotten better :smiley:

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You expect us to believe all of that without pictures???:sunglasses:

Mr Tonic, I posted a picture for you although its not the one your looking for I will keep you in mind next time and get the job done-sorry. Pic under identification.

haha love it

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