Good signs but bad fishing. Folly beach 5/21/18

Tons of baby clams, tons of blue crabs, sand fleas, clear green water, lots of bait size fish in the surf and lots of other shells that in my eyes represents a healthy beach. All i could catch was whitting. Fished 7 to 11. Dropped a chunk of fresh cownose a little further than 400, half of a 2lb mullet like 150 or 200 and a couple chunks of mullet on a double drop about 75yds out. Had something drag the 75yds from right tobleft while reeling in my big rod and the current was going right. The 200yd mullet got cleaned without a notice and the ray chunk went untouched. Caught qhiting on fresh shrimp but bite was slow. Fished low tide for the most part.

Can you shark fish at IOP?Seen on the news where a kid got bit yesterday.

I was out yesturday as well and all my shark baits got cleaned. I caught a dozen or so bluefish. So hard to keep baits out when there around. Also is that you robbing crosbys of all their large mullet lol.

Been catching netfulls of baitfish the past couple of weeks. menhaden, greenbacks, ribbonfish. Been having good water, just no bites.

Ya know, it must be nice living in Neverneverland. Remind me to come visit you, when I need a break from reality.


Where and how do you catch sand fleas? I know the obvious in the sand…lol. What am i looking for when trying to catch the sand fleas?

Sanddog looking for fleas:smiley:

You even fishing the white braid… nothin else you could have done.

23’ seacraft