Good to be back

Nice to be back among friends ! And it’s good to see a chance at a good clean start to get things back as they were early in this sites history . It is incredible the amount of damage just a couple of trouble makers can do to a good thing. Coup de ta that could have been stopped earlier!

As for me I underwent some difficult eye surgery to rebuild the structures in the backs of both eyes and I’m still not completely out of the woods as the healing process can take many months. The surgery was done by the VA and some outside resources and it’s coming along slowly but surely . I really appreciate the calls and well wishes.

So let’s talk fishing !! This late May cool snap will slow down or even stop the northerly mahi migration and give local Carolina boats more days to get some of those 30lb + slammers and don’t neglect those live bottom areas along the ledge at first light for those huge wahoo! Dark skirts wire rigged Bally a little over 8 kts

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Good to see ya back Natureboy. Admin has allowed stump, mixed, ef, and 23 as moderators. 23 stepped up immediately and took out the trash. I’ll always be a little bitter on hiding away all Political posts, but I can do nothing about it but remember a time when others feelings weren’t so easily hurt or triggered from differing opinions. I guess just modern times when others are scared of offending or being offended and dealing with it through censorship.

Had my lake planes put on hold today… already picked up 1 1/2" of rain and it’s pretty breezy.

You have a lake plane???

Here on Lake Murky it’s less windy than forecast but still rough enough to take the fun away. Rain has been lighter than forecast.

:smile: No plane! Wish I did though!! Plan… smart arse!!!

Kids rented a place on Santee and we were going to spend the day with them. Maybe tomorrow. Just talked with the daughter and they said it was pouring and trying to keep the kids entertained. Told her to break open a roll of quarters and throw half of them around outside and tell the kids they can’t come in until they found them all. Said that would give her and him some alone time together. My Dad did it with my older brothers using nickels.

Good to see the return of another good CF member. Welcome back! Tell your friends.

welcome back!!

I believe he was asking an honest question Fred(hope so)…

Thanks to everyone. Good fishing ahead!

Welcome back NB. God speed on your recovery.

Looking forward to CF getting back to the fun old days!

Welcome back, get well soon.

:grin: No, I’m sure he was messing with me Easy!!! Bluesky is a good dude! That’s the kind of grammar cops I like!!! The others, not so much.

Welcome Back💪🏾

Blue sky beat me to it.
I would have asked the same smart-ass question.

Welcome back Ric Flair's wildest outbursts - YouTube

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WOW. I haven’t been on here much in the past few years. Boat was sold and didn’t do much fishing so spent most of my time in Off Topic. I stopped after it became more than I could stand. Bickering and posturing from keyboard warriors was too much.

I will admit that I got caught up in some of it and did a small share of key strokes in the fray. But I saw what I was becoming and left the party ( I don’t mean that in a political sense).

I decided to log in again to see what was going on and found this thread. Sounds like I missed a cleansing.

and it would have been recieved with the same humor!! not like the your / you’re site /sight and other b.s. stick poking crap.

Welcome back!

WHY be a smart arse PERIOD???

I always enjoyed your “to the point” posts Easy. Your posts are always just right on target

We don’t need anyone that starts their posts with ha ha or acts as a self appointed director or constantly insults other members. I always hated the way the #1trouble maker took advantage of Bib using him as a manipulated shill.

Hoping we can get back to being a brotherhood of watermen ,quickly kicking the problems to the curb before the site incurs such damage in the future


We’re working hard to keep things where they should be N-B!

So nice to meet you in person!!