Got a new to me boat and cant wait!

I just bought my first boat today, I got a slightly used J14 Carolina Skiff. I live in Bluffton and can not wait to get out and use it some. Not looking for exact spots but if any one would like to point me in the right direction about where to go to get a few fish I would be very appreciative! I figure I could put in around Alljoy on the May or over by Sawmill on the Colleton.

14 Carolina Skiff 25HP

Congratulations! Head over to Southern Drawl Outfitters (right outside Moss Creek) and buy a Top Spots map, and hang out and talk a bit.

Thanks! They run a good shop over there, I will stop and get a map.

14 Carolina Skiff 25HP

Good all around boat, just gets a little wet in big swells. :smiley:

What Surffishlife said on the Top Spots map. many of my “secret” spots are on it.

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